Make Sense of your Data with IT Analytics

by Pritika Ramani
Analytics tools unify data from different IT functions and transform it into actionable information that can improve process efficiencies. By providing visibility into the performance of daily operations, an IT user can identify problem areas and determine the next course of action. Full Article

Top ITOA Predictions for 2017

The ITOA Landscape’s 2017 ITOA Predictions list provides insightful and bold predictions on how IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) will emerge and impact organizations in 2017. Full Article

How to Avoid Front Page Outages

By Omer Trajman
In this age of complex systems and automation, IT operations' ability to see everything that is happening -- and be in a position to affect change quickly -- will be the defining characteristic of companies successfully achieving digital transformation. Full Article

Real-time analytics: Next season’s technology blockbuster?

By Poul Nielsen
Real-time data when fed into a real-time analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence and behavioural learning technologies, can determine what normal behaviour is and sound the alert when abnormal behaviour is identified. In other words, the wider data set provides more visibility of potential attacks, data theft or security breaches. Full Article

Rescuing IT From A Sea Of Alarms

By Steve Wexler
While ITOA’s future does look bright, with more than 300-fold growth coming, it’s still early days, according to Gartner. By 2017 it predicts that only 15% of enterprises will actively use ITOA technologies, up from less than 5% today. Full Article

Are You Having an ‘Odd’ Day?

By Guy Warren
IT systems have become more and more critical to the running of the business. IT problems can really impact the very reputation and value of the company. ITOA brings new level of insight to anomaly detection to ensure that IT is performing 'normally'. Full Article

Too Many Tools Spoil the ITOA Broth

By Guy Warren
This article discusses how an overabundance of siloed small-ITOA tools can obscure the big picture, and hold companies back from understanding the real value of analytics and monitoring. Full Article

Evolution of the Data Center

By Roy Illsley
This article explores the concept of converged analytics and visualization that combines cross-domain correlation, analytics and rich visual dependency mapping of applications and infrastructure working together across locations. Full Article

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