We Need To Talk About IT Analytics

IT Analytics is a main topic of conversation in many of the briefings that Forrester analyst John Rakowski has taken part in last year and here he offers some points to take into consideration. Full Article

How Analyzing Big Data in the Data Center Can Boost Your Operations

by Blake Carlson
Today’s data center—whether it’s for a global enterprise, a colocation company or cloud provider—supports more critical, interdependent devices and IT systems than ever before. This fact has increased the complexity of data center operations – and created the need for more sophisticated and automated approaches to manage the IT infrastructure. Full Article

It’s Time the Data Center Gets the Moneyball Treatment

By Jerred Ruble
As with baseball, the measurements we rely upon to grade productivity and cost efficiency, and hopefully predict future success, change. As in "Moneyball," cost-effective IT requires both measuring what matters and the use of appropriate analytic technologies. When done effectively, the results speak for themselves. Full Article

Too Much IT Operations Data? Try Analyzing It With Cognitive Insights

By Edith Stern
The combination of analytics and cognitive computing are the ideal solution for solving the IT operations data puzzle. These tools can simplify IT problem detection, predicting issues, and quickly isolating their root causes. With analytics and cognitive computing, IT administrators can now tackle the Big Data challenge posed by IT operations head on, unlocking the true potential of such valuable data. Full Article

Why Change and Configuration Management Needs Analytics

By Sasha Gilenson
Analytics-driven management stands to end the key challenges that constrain change and configuration management. By applying powerful analytics to the overwhelming change and configuration data, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) technology can turn massive amounts of information into clear, actionable insights. Full Article

"APM-Generated Big Data" Fueling 100% Growth in IT Operations Analytics Spending

IT operations analytics tools enable CIOs and senior IT operations managers to monitor their business operational data and metrics. The tools are similar to a business intelligence platform that business unit managers use to drive business performance. IT operations analytics tools enable users to assess efficiency, optimize IT investments, correlate trends, and understand and maximize IT opportunities that support the business. Full Article

IT Operations: The Next Frontier for Analytics

by Deepak Advani
Over the past few years, the technology industry has made enormous strides in how we translate and learn from Big Data. We’ve applied cognitive intelligence to analytics methods to not only interpret data, but to clearly see and learn from patterns in our business operations, customer trends and physical infrastructures – just to name a few. And the results have transformed our industries, marketing and cities. So why not apply this same intelligence to our IT systems? Full Article

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