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Forrester Sees IT Operations Analytics is On the Rise

Driven by modern business requirements, many organizations are re-evaluating their current processes and tools and how they support their evolovling IT environments, forcing many traditional approaches in IT to be reconsidered. A recent report from Forrester, Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics, describes how emergin IT Operations Analytics applications are better equipped to manage the big data challenges of IT, and coming to redefine how IT operations maintains performance and availability.

The report, Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics was prepared by Forrester analysts Glenn O’Donnell and JP Garbani and provides an insightful overview of the IT analytics market showing how IT Operations should be putting the intelligence of analytics to work for their activities.

This report clearly makes the case for IT analytics as the way forward, raising the concern that if IT Operations is struggling to monitor and manage their IT infrastructure complexity today, how will they handle tomorrow’s additional complexity?

The report explained that "The tools present us with the raw data, and lots of it, but sufficient insight into the actual meaning buried in all that data is still remarkably scarce. For this very reason, IT analytics tools hold the promise of helping IT organizations better manage the technology that runs their business. Think of it as turning the concept of big data inward to make better decisions about the business technology services and the underlying infrastructure and applications." The Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics report is available directly from Forrester.

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