Too Much IT Operations Data? Try Analyzing It With Cognitive Insights

By Edith Stern
The combination of analytics and cognitive computing are the ideal solution for solving the IT operations data puzzle. These tools can simplify IT problem detection, predicting issues, and quickly isolating their root causes. With analytics and cognitive computing, IT administrators can now tackle the Big Data challenge posed by IT operations head on, unlocking the true potential of such valuable data. Full Article

Why Change and Configuration Management Needs Analytics

By Sasha Gilenson
Analytics-driven management stands to end the key challenges that constrain change and configuration management. By applying powerful analytics to the overwhelming change and configuration data, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) technology can turn massive amounts of information into clear, actionable insights. Full Article

IT operations analytics tools enable CIOs and senior IT operations managers to monitor their business operational data and metrics. The tools are similar to a business intelligence platform that business unit managers use to drive business performance. IT operations analytics tools enable users to assess efficiency, optimize IT investments, correlate trends, and understand and maximize IT opportunities that support the business.

by Deepak Advani
Over the past few years, the technology industry has made enormous strides in how we translate and learn from Big Data. We’ve applied cognitive intelligence to analytics methods to not only interpret data, but to clearly see and learn from patterns in our business operations, customer trends and physical infrastructures – just to name a few. And the results have transformed our industries, marketing and cities. So why not apply this same intelligence to our IT systems?

IT Operations Analytics explained by customers and experts

by Ryan Boyles
With the overwhelming amount of data being created every day, many data sources have gone unnoticed as a source of key value. IT operational data is one of these untapped resources. If you are in charge of business critical systems and operations, how can you comb through the massive amount of information generated by those systems? Only small percentage of data collected in IT is used to inform where there are inefficiencies and where efficiency gains can be made. Full Article

by Don Reisinger
It comes as no surprise that this many IT professionals see IT analytics as such a promising solution, ready to succeed in taking on the challenge where traditional [change and configuration management] tools have failed.

The spiraling complexity of application environments and IT architecture is making it harder than ever to collect and analyze reams of technical (i.e. application) data to generate operational improvements and business momentum. How can I reduce my costs by learning which of my servers is under-utilized?

IT Operations Analytics - Tapping a goldmine of data within IT

by Pranit Prakash
IT Operations Analytics enables enterprise to collect, index, parse and harness data from any source as system logs, network traffic, monitoring tools and custom applications. These data points are churned through a set of smart algorithms to result in meaningful insights for IT operations leading real-time trending and proactive monitoring that ensures higher uptime and co-relation across data-sources. Full Article

by William Atkinson
If you are experiencing substantial problems with managing your IT operations, especially being able to view what is occurring in real-time, you are hardly alone, according to a new report.

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