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For over 15 years that IT operations has struggled with chronic IT operations challenges: from outages to performance and availability problems to incidents and headline grabbing failures.

Increasing data volume, variety and velocity have intensified system complexity turning IT operations management into something so difficult that it requires superhuman skills to manage.

Some call the problem "Big Data", some don't. The truth? It doesn't matter what we call this problem as long as we agree that we're dealing with an overwhelming challenge and that existing approaches won't hold up to, and so it's time to come up with a better strategy.

The[traditional] tools present us with the raw data, and lots of it, but sufficient insight into the actual meaning buried in all that data is still remarkably scarce

- Turn Big Data Inward With IT Analytics, Forrester Research

Hang on! There IS a better way.

Better equipped to manage these big data challenges, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions are emerging to redefine how IT operations maintains performance, availability, as well as security and compliance.

While we've only started to scratch the surface with regard to ITOA applications, some areas that are already putting ITOA technologies to use are:

  • Root-cause Investigation
  • IT Triage
  • Proactive Management
  • Problem Resolution
  • Complementing Best-of-breed Technology

In the Gartner's Hype Cycle report on IT Operations Management, IT Operations Analytics was recognized as being 'On the Rise' on the hype cycle. ITOA also received a rating of 'High', meaning that it enables new ways of performing horizontal or vertical processes that will result in in significantly increased revenue or cost savings for an enterprise.

Gartner analysts expect IT Operations Analytics to accelerate to integrate into mainstream IT operations in the next few years, with the emergence of an entire category of IT Operations Analytics products and services.

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