About: November 15, 2013 Share This ▸ TERMA SOFTWARE LABS ANNOUNCES SINGLE PANE OF GLASS FOR WORKLOAD AUTOMATION, November 15, 2013 — Today Terma Software Labs announced centralized management for job scheduling and workload automation products, also known as “Single Pane of Glass” management. A constant challenge for customers using multiple job scheduling engines and/or multiple vendors’ job scheduling products is the effective management of these environments: the user interfaces between products are very different, the approaches to management are inefficient, and the products themselves are simply not integrated. Terma Software Labs’ JAWS Workload Analytics platform solves these current day challenges by standardizing and modernizing both the user interface as well as the overarching management approach. JAWS can manage the following scenarios from a single and common user interface for CA AutoSys, CA 7, Tidal, and OpsWise: Multiple instances of the same scheduling product on different platforms Multiple instances and different release levels of the same scheduling product Mixed environments (CA, Tidal, OpsWise) with different vendors scheduling products Mixed platforms (mainframe & distributed) with different scheduling product such as CA 7 on the mainframe and CA AutoSys on distributed The latest release of JAWS Workload Analytics features an intuitive user interface for managing these heterogeneous environments. It includes richer analytics for managing workload environments by providing resource awareness, agent awareness, advanced reporting, and additional support for legacy and newly released versions of job scheduling platforms. Terma’s platform for workload analytics provides a standard approach to integrating multiple vendors’ workload automation products. Terma Software Labs, located in Boulder, CO, is the leading provider of advanced workload analytics, monitoring, and reporting solutions for enterprise job scheduling and workload automation products from companies such as Cisco (Tidal), CA Technologies (AutoSys, CA 7), and Stonebranch (OpsWise). Terma’s platform, JAWS, helps companies optimize their workload processing and get more value out of their workload automation products by providing SLA management, forecasting, prediction, and reporting. It helps companies lower their total cost of ownership, and improve the reliability and performance of their mission critical workloads. The platform addresses the long-standing need for a single user interface and management console view (Single Pane of Glass) into heterogeneous job scheduling environments across distributed and mainframe platforms.

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