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Thought Leaders Series

Interviews for The ITOA Landscape
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  • Mark Jaffe
    Mark Jaffe
  • Chris O'Connor
    Chris O'Connor
  • Bill Keyworth
    Bill Keyworth
  • Jonah Kowall
    Jonah Kowall
  • Mark van Rijmenam
    Mark van Rijmenam
  • More to Come
    More to Come

ITOA Landscape

ITOA Thought Leaders

  • Thought Leader

    IT analytics lets you manage this complexity by turning Big Data inward.

    Jean-Pierre Garbani

    VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester

  • Thought Leader

    The operational data explosion has sparked a sudden and significant increase in demand for ITOA systems.

    Will Cappelli

    Research VP, Gartner

  • Thought Leader

    Time is now the enemy because complexity is growing exponentially and inexorably.

    Glenn O'Donnell

    Principal Analyst, Forrester

  • Thought Leader

    Will provide CIOs and senior IT operations managers with a source of operational and business data.

    Colin Fletcher

    Research Director, Gartner

  • Thought Leader

    Powerful analytics provide comprehensive insights.

    Roy Illsley

    Principal Analyst, Ovum

  • Thought Leader

    These tools have solved, and will continue to emerge to solve, specific IT operations problems.

    Jonah Kowall

    Research VP, Gartner

  • Thought Leader

    With rising complexity you need to make sense of data - operational analytics is the key

    John Rakowski

    Analyst and Advisor, Forrester

  • Thought Leader

    IT is drowning in data, and we can no longer be completely dependent upon in-house expertise to make sense

    Bill Keysworth

    Adjunct Research Advisor, IDC

  • Thought Leader

    With ITOA tools I have seen a 78% reduction in mean time to diagnose problems!

    Dennis Drogseth

    Vice President, EMA

  • Thought Leader

    IT big data and analytics for change and configuration management provide actionable information.

    Sasha Gileson

    CEO, Evolven

  • Thought Leader

    The real win is in leveraging these analytics and insights to build the business.

    Ray Solnik

    President, Appnomic Systems

  • Thought Leader

    ITOA will play a key role enabling IT's agility to support business end users.

    Poul Nielsen

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Nexthink

  • Thought Leader

    Analytics is good at helping us get a better understanding of what’s happening from end to end.

    Ryan Stolte

    CTO and Co-founder, Bay Dynamics

  • Thought Leader

    Armed with a really comprehensive set of analytics that are driven from real operational data then it makes business decisions a no brainer.

    Patrick Hubbard

    Head Geek and Sr. Technical Marketing Manager, SolarWinds

  • Thought Leader

    Applying statistical analysis to solve problem in networks, in storage, and in applications.

    Nicola Sanna,

    President and CEO at Netuitive

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