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[Webinar]: Cloud and Virtualization | The Effect on the Digital Workplace

Analyst research confirms that workforce productivity increases 51% with virtualized deployments when working remotely across devices.

Cloud and VDI adoption will continue to grow as organizations look to address the growing demands of their workforce. However, the improved flexibility, operational efficiency, and control afforded by these technologies will not matter if IT can’t maintain application service levels.

Join Aternity for a 30-minute session and learn how to complete the strategic vision of the Digital Workplace with End user Experience Monitoring. Event Details

[Webinar]: How to Reduce Production Incidents and Outages with Machine Learning

Attend this webcast to learn what is machine learning in the world of IT operational analytics (ITOA), and why different approaches are needed depending on your IT environment. We show you where machine learning is being used in the real-world to reduce impact of production incidents, and how to prioritize machine learning implementation for your 2016 IT transformation plans Event Details

CA World ’15

Discover the actionable insights and practices that will transform your business for competitive advantage. Event Details

Monitoring Across OpenStack Clouds

Attend this webinar to learn more about the gotchas with operating an OpenStack environment in production, and how the ITOA tool, Incident.MOOG, can transform your operations to detect and remediate incidents faster, reduce trouble ticket volume and make your incident management process more efficient. Event Details

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