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BMC Engage 2014

With IT Data Analytics, get to the root cause of problems faster. Find out more at BMC Engage 2014. Event Details

Advanced Operations Analytics and Beyond: A Look at Real Adoptions and Real Plans in the Real World

Based on groundbreaking research across 250 respondents in North America and Europe, this Webinar will examine the rising interest in analytic solutions to support IT and operations more broadly. For the first time ever, IT professionals will be able to see a credible map of where and how their peers are adopting advanced analytics in support of optimizing IT performance and service quality. Event Details

Hitchhiker's Guide to Transaction Monitoring and Analytics

Drawing on over a dozen RFPs we have received over the last few months from banks large and small, we are going to talk through the ULTIMATE list of ATM/POS transaction monitoring requirements, focus on what really matters, and discuss how to evaluate the various monitoring and analytics options available to you. Event Details

Webinar: Change is the Root of All Evil

IT Operations Analytics provides the opportunity to unlock value from piles of IT big data becoming a real game changer. Attend this webinar to learn how IT Operation Analytics is ending chronic stability, performance and efficiency challenges. Event Details

DevOpsDC Meetup

Something important is missing from these models: Real-time analytics. Analytics are an essential part of Measurement in CAMS, as well as a foundation for the Feedback and Learning "ways". Real-time analytics for making timely decisions are challenging, but not impossible. How do you crunch one million metrics, and generate that one alarm that matters, when it matters, and with no noise around it? This talk will share some of our discoveries and insights about this critical yet under-served DevOps component. Event Details

Webinar: End chronic change and configuration challenges with IT Operations Analytics

The failure to successfully manage change or contain risk from undesired changes has revealed itself in incidents and performance issues, and even costly downtime. IT Ops face major challenges for how to best manage change, with increased complexity of our IT infrastructures and the breakneck speed that change must now be implemented. Now IT Operations Analytics has arrived, providing the opportunity to unlock value from piles of change data and will be a real game changer. Event Details

Gartner IT Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit

This year's Gartner IT Infrastructure and Operations Management Summit will help I and O leaders transform their organizations by providing new ways to identify and address skill gaps, align development and operations, link IT financial management with enterprise metrics and deliver higher levels of agility and efficiency, and more. Featuring sessions on IT Operations Analytics: Current Architectures, Markets, and Practices Event Details

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