Change-Centric, Blended Analytics

By Dan Kusnetzky
"Change centric, blended analytics." This means that once the system has learned from examining the systems, their operational logs and the current state, it's then possible to apply machine learning/analytics to evaluate changes made to the environment. Full Article

Top ITOA Predictions for 2015

The ITOA Landscape’s 2015 ITOA Predictions list provides insightful and bold predictions on how IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) will emerge and impact organizations in 2015. Full Article

Use Big Data Analytics to Improve IT Operations

By Sasha Gilenson
By applying an ITOA approach, IT operations teams can stay on top of how changes are distributed and what risks they introduce. They can review the frequent daily changes, including unplanned and unauthorized activities. Full Article

What’s Driving Greater Adoption of IT Operations Analytics?

By Sasha Gilenson
IT Operations Analytics can provide the necessary insight buried in piles of complex data, and can help IT operations teams to proactively determine risks, impacts, or the potential for outages that may come out of various events that take place in the environment. Full Article

How IT Departments Can Become True Business Partners

By Poul Nielsen
ITOA technology can provide valuable and accurate insight in real time, share information quickly within both the IT department and the business itself, and ensure the security of business transactions. In today’s environment of agile, fast and intelligent technologies, ITOA is a necessity and an integral part of any company’s success. Full Article

Streamlining the Management of Hybrid Clouds with IT Operations Analytics

By Sasha Gilenson
A hybrid cloud incorporates—not just bridges between—public and private clouds, enabling businesses and their IT organizations unprecedented flexibility. But a transition to a hybrid cloud brings its own set of challenges. Sasha Gilenson addresses some of these difficulties and offers some IT operations analytics solutions. Full Article

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