Advanced Operations Analytics - What the Data Shows!

By Dennis Drogseth
EMA has just completed a groundbreaking (the word is apt here) research project assessing just how IT organizations are seeking to invest in, optimize, integrate and prioritize use cases for what we call "Advanced Operations Analytics" or "AOA." Full Article

Using Analytics To Face The Challenge Of Increasingly Complex IT Environments

By Poul Nielsen
Today’s IT environments are more complicated – and confusing – than ever before, and it’s likely that events such as the explosion in the number of hybrid environments and the greater uptake of SaaS within enterprises mean that things are only going to get more complex before they simplify. This greater complexity will also mean that it will be much harder to detect and contain IT issues when they arise – after all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Full Article

Moving IT Operations into Fire Prevention Mode

By Sasha Gilenson
Continuing to manage highly complex IT environments in a reactive mode leaves IT specialists vulnerable, when really they need to understand the actual causes and effects of what’s happening among the many technologies in use across the enterprise. Instead of constantly fighting fires, IT operations teams should aim to prevent the fires from starting. Full Article

Taking IT Operations Beyond Firefighting with ITOA

By Sasha Gilenson
With change requests and changes coming at a blinding pace, IT Operations teams need to use ITOA solutions to carry out a top down analysis blending and reviewing the diverse IT Operations data via changes as they occur, instead of reverse engineering a problem's root cause from low level machine events and metrics. Full Article

Managing IT Through a Prism of Change With IT Operations Analytics

By Sasha Gilenson
Data can provide insight into areas of concern for poor performance, availability and security threats, as well as areas of focus for potential improvement. However, there is far more data, and too many dimensions, for IT Operations to negotiate through manually. How can this IT "big data" be mined using IT Operations Analytics tools to identify and avoid problems? Full Article

Evolven's CEO on configuration and change management

By Dan Kusnetzky
Applies a new IT operations analytics approach to change and configuration challenges. The goal is to turn dynamic, overwhelming change and configuration data into actionable insights. The company states that using its solution allows IT operation managers to know exactly what has changed in their environments, investigate incident root-cause, maintain environment consistency, validate changes, and eliminate configuration drift. Full Article

Understanding big data analytics

by Ray Solnik
IT Operations Analytics (ITOA, what some people call Big Data analytics or Advanced Analytics) has been dubbed the solution to bring order to this rapidly growing complexity. Some are asking “What does this term really mean, what’s the big deal?" Full Article

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