IT security analytics: the before, during and after

by Bob Tarzey
In the past, there have been distinct products in each area, but the boundaries between them are blurring as suppliers extend their reach, in some cases competing with each other where they previously did not, but also co-operating to share intelligence. The more timely that intelligence can be gathered, the more likely it is that it will be put to use for proactive defence, rather than post-event clear-up. This is the area of real-time security analytics. Full Article

IT Operations Analytics Confronts Chronic IT Challenges

By Sasha Gilenson
It is well known that visibility is a foundation of control. The same applies to IT operations. However, in today’s continuously expanding data centers, dynamic IT environments produce far too much data for IT operations to keep track of. IT Operations Analytics can take a complex IT environment overflowing with data and transform it, turning operational data into a competitive tool that provides users with the right information at the right time. Full Article

IT analytics tools bring big data to work in the data center

With big data analytics offerings aimed at IT management, companies can combine real-time streaming data analysis along with terabytes of historical data correlation and analysis to detect patterns that can, in turn, help predict and prevent future outages or performance issues. Full Article

Real-time analytics could be a saviour for IT service desk

By Yassine Zaied
Not only can IT Operations Analytics enable IT teams to quickly and efficiently identify and isolate the root cause of problems within a company’s network, they can also help to anticipate these problems - even down to individual user level - so that they can be dealt with before they happen. Full Article

Using Analytics to Detect Application Performance Anomalies

By Charley Rich
Performance threats usually are the result of multiple issues — and many of these, if caught early in the process using real-time analytics, could prevent much larger failures from occurring. Evading cascading failures is essential. Ideally, IT Specialists should avoid being in the position of putting out fires — they should be able to make sure the fire never starts. Full Article

How The IT Department Will Strike Back In 2014

By Jonathan Crane
All the data available to us means nothing if it’s not concentrated, sorted and organized in a way that’s useful to create meaningful insights or inform decision making. Integrating analytics into an IT management console can make this a more seamless process, especially when the system can automatically respond to threshold alerts and deploy a corresponding action, all before the incident even occurs. Full Article

15 Reasons Why You Need APM in 2014

In 2014, APM needs to evolve to serve the DevOps movement which is the unification of traditional application and IT operations silos. Some APM vendors have taken steps in that direction, but in reality, many APM solutions don't give enough visibility across all infrastructure silos – which is actually what Gartner expects that IT Operations Analytics will do for APM users. Full Article

Can You Trust Your IT Monitoring Solution?

By Deepak Kanwar
Forrester Consulting recently conducted a commissioned study on the “State of IT Monitoring.” The findings paint a dismal picture of how IT departments are struggling to keep pace with increasingly complex environments. Without a single unified solution that allows IT Ops professionals to monitor their infrastructure, whether legacy or virtual or even cloud, they will never be able to get a holistic view of their environment and will continue to struggle. Full Article

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