IT Operations Analytics explained by customers and experts

by Ryan Boyles
With the overwhelming amount of data being created every day, many data sources have gone unnoticed as a source of key value. IT operational data is one of these untapped resources. If you are in charge of business critical systems and operations, how can you comb through the massive amount of information generated by those systems? Only small percentage of data collected in IT is used to inform where there are inefficiencies and where efficiency gains can be made. Full Article

Is Analytics the Solution to the Big Data Problem?

by Don Reisinger
It comes as no surprise that this many IT professionals see IT analytics as such a promising solution, ready to succeed in taking on the challenge where traditional [change and configuration management] tools have failed. Full Article

Analytics in IT Operations - Defining the roadmap

by Arun Kumar Barua
Recognizing the importance of data that is generated on a daily basis through IT operations and analytics is essential, but putting in place the processes and tools needed to deliver relevant data and analytics to business decision-makers is a different matter. Full Article

Cloud Scaling: Three Ways To Be Smarter About IT

To meet customer expectations and achieve the potential of the Cloud, application owners may now leverage advanced analytics to help determine when an app stack, along with underlying data center resources, must scale up to adequately serve customers and then scale down to preserve budgets. Advanced analytics can now also help identify issues before they become real IT “accidents.” Full Article

IT Operations Analytics Can Provide Eye-Opening Insights

The spiraling complexity of application environments and IT architecture is making it harder than ever to collect and analyze reams of technical (i.e. application) data to generate operational improvements and business momentum. How can I reduce my costs by learning which of my servers is under-utilized? Full Article

The Time Has Come: Analytics Delivers for IT Operations

by Ray Solnik
Across the board, business leaders and savvy IT operations professionals seek to capture the elusive concept of “competitive advantage.” And when it comes to advanced application analytics, this quest rings especially true for visionaries and early adopters who see the compelling nature of the latest technology generation—a generation dubbed IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) by industry research firm Gartner. Full Article

Big Data Security Analytics or Big Data IT Analytics?

Certainly IT operations teams could benefit from big data analytics for performance tuning, capacity planning, and SLA management. In fact, vendors like LogRhythm, Splunk, and Sumo Logic either market directly to IT operations or find that IT operations jumps onboard quickly once the security team deploys their analytics tools. Full Article

We Need To Talk About IT Analytics

APMdigest's exclusive interview, Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP in Enterprise Management, talks about his latest report: Will IT Operations Analytics Platforms Replace APM Suites? Full Article

Why IT Fumbles Analytics

Many companies are spending heavily on IT tools and hiring data scientists. Yet most are struggling to achieve a worthwhile return. That’s because they treat their big data and analytics projects the same way they treat all IT projects, not realizing that the two are completely different animals. Full Article

Preventive IT Analytics

A new generation of preventive analytic technologies is emerging in the APM (Application Performance Management) industry, unlocking untapped value in this $2+ billion market that is growing $300 million per year. These technologies are only now achievable via revolutionary machine learning technologies, advanced quantitative analytics, and the natural evolution of BI ... as BI-like analytics are bleeding into the APM world. Full Article

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