When IT Operations Analytics is positioned as a strategic focus for banks

By Poul Nielsen, Director of Strategy, Nexthink

Security in the banking sector is extremely critical. Today, industry professionals face the challenges of data collection, storage, use, processing and transfer. In this context, banks that manage large volumes of financial data are increasingly the targets of sophisticated cyber attacks aimed at stealing sensitive information such as customer data.

Banks therefore need to ensure high availability of their information system and complete security of their applications and their IT infrastructure. No financial institution is immune from the potential threat of a cyber attack and IT security must be taken seriously.

In this context, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions provide visibility into the IT environment of the bank and can detect suspicious or anomalous activity in real-time. Banks can then take immediate action before their information is compromised.

In a recent IDC survey, 57% of IT Managers and CIOs indicated that maintaining a secure environment was their biggest challenge. Banks are not more vulnerable to e-threats than other industry sectors; however, they have much to lose if they are victims of an attack. Consequently, banks invest heavily to hire and retain the best talent and acquire proven technologies to protect their IT infrastructures.

In recent years, there has also been a strong breakthrough of cloud computing. Cloud solutions offer many advantages, but expose data hosted to significant risks including privacy, identity theft, etc. Organizations that adopt cloud computing should consider implementing ITOA solutions that can analyze all executions, applications and network connections.

It is important that IT departments have tools to visualize their IT infrastructure and understand the experience from the end-user perspective. According to IDC, adoption of ITOA solutions will continue to increase because they are considered easier to grasp the Big Data.

These different elements therefore show that ITOA solutions offer strong guarantees for professionals in the banking industry. By combining concepts such as security and real-time detection of events, ITOA solutions are positioned as a central component of IT and will allow banks to rely on efficient and secure environments.

About Poul Nielsen
Poul Nielsen is the Director of Strategy at Nexthink. Poul has responsibility for corporate, partner and field marketing worldwide. His mission is to cultivate and communicate Nexthink's brand equity and to lead marketing operations in support of the company's goals.

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