Game Changing ITOA Use Cases


Unified Infrastructure Management Empowers IT Operations

By David Hayward
Sr. Principal Manager, Solutions Marketing, CA Technologies

To find an incidient's root cause, IT Operations inspect a massive amount of metrics across multiple technology domains and monitoring disciplines . By combining all monitoring functions into a single user interface with efficient workflows, IT Operations staff are empowered to visually correlate data faster and make accurate conclusions about how infrastructure impacts critical business applications.

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Identify Performance Anamolies Before Impacting the Business

By Graham Gillen
Director of Marketing, Netuitive

When IT doesn't know which of the thousands of IT metrics are most meaningful in terms of business performance, or whether IT performance even has any impact on business metrics, then a fresh approach is needed to application performance monitoring. ITOA proactively detects performance anamolies before they impact the business.

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Keep Your Enterprise Safe from BYOD

By Raviv Chalamish
Vice President of Products, Aternity

Current systems and processes can't keep up with the complexity involved in managing today's Mobile device and apps requirements, especially with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. ITOA tools must deliver the actionable analytics that enable IT to understand the mobile experience of their users and better serve them.

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Shed Light on CCM Blind Spots

By Sasha Gilenson
CEO and Co-founder, Evolven

With increasingly heterogeneous, customizable, and distributed systems, IT management technologies capture much larger volumes of change and configuration data. Combining IT big data and high-powered analytics for change and configuration management, ITOA provide actionable information.

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Prevent IT Infrastructure Problems

By Jeremy Littlejohn
Co-founder, RISC Networks

Over 80% of IT organizations are faced with correctable IT infrastructure issues, and they don't know where to begin to solve them. The majority of the tools used by IT were designed by software engineers, not IT practitioners who have to solve problems and plan for change. IT Operations Analytics can help IT leaders be predictive and proactive, stopping IT problems before they start.

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ITOA: New Weapon To Fight Hackers

By Poul Nielsen
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Nexthink

Hackitivism is a major and growing threat, using Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) methodology to target end-user devices. Enterprises need to be able to execute end-user ITOA for security, to be able to immediately detect any abnormal activity in real-time, all the time, to detect deviations from normal activity of end-user devices used by hackers in their attacks.

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Ensure Compliance With ITOA

By Kevin Conklin
VP of Marketing, Prelert

To remain compliant with new spam regulations, digital marketing companies need to identify rogue users that attempt to hack the system and use software tools and/or contact databases for spamming. By using IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) technology to analyze all real-time data, digital marketers can quickly identify abnormalities, such as spammers, and immediately take action.

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