About: RAXAR's mission is to redefined the way people interact with their mobile devices. Here at RAXAR, we believe that our mobile devices should more intelligently serve us. RAXAR achieves by working with our clients and partners to create context aware and sensor driven solutions.
RAXAR allows our clients and partners to integrate location information (geofencing), sensor readings (ex.iBeacons), user information and background analytics to immediately and easily create sophisticated user interactions to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency or drive brand loyalty and sales. Navigate users to the content you want them to see, when you want them to see it, how you want them to see it.
Most recently RAXAR created Graphical Real-Time Asset Inspection and Tracking System (GRAiTS). This tool allows our clients and partners to easily inspect and track valuable organizational and IT assets including: computers, furniture, medical equipment, tools, and vehicles in real-time over the cloud. Allow them to streamline the process of monitoring, maintaining and managing the organization's valuable assets.

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